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If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud. -Émile Zola

Are you ready to live out loud? to invest your time and energy into your {living}?

Do you need a nudge to get started? Some monthly prompts for journaling? Posts and inspiration with a community of women who are also listening to their dream-whispers?

The Art Journaler as Community has continually evolved since its origin, ripening with new vision and purpose. Most of the women currently in-community have been a part of The Art Journaler since its beginnings. We have {journaled-through} the soul promptings of Next to: create art for sale; author e-courses; publish books.

The Art Journaler subscribe

Plans currently underway to expand The Art Journaler as Community:

  • a directory of services and offerings will be compiled and published
  • monthly “studio sessions” {video meetings on}
    • an opportunity to be in-community, build relationships and to share as well as learn more about art journaling and creative planning

Current subscriptions available for The Art Journaler:

  • The Art Journaler e-list, periodic content e-mailed to you personally [subscribe]
  • The Art Journaler visual log [via BlogLovin' or follow on Tumblr]
  • The Art Journaler Community blog posts [Follow below or via BlogLovin']
  • Coming in August! Subscribe to receive prompts + monthly Studio Sessions

The Art Journaler she journals blog post

Continuing with themes of letters, letters-to-self, this month we are exploring third person journaling — writing your journal entry in third person, describing what is happening as an observer.

This practice is a means of seeing beyond emotions and facing difficult issues. Writing as the observer can prove to be enough distance to gain perspective about a challenge, relationship or situation.

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The intentional practice of anything increases one’s ability to concentrate + focus for increasingly longer time periods — and art & journaling makes that fun + offers tangible rewards.

  • 15-minutes per day is “enough” time for art.
  • Determine what works for you; what feels doable?
  • Have a stash box of element for quick art-making.

I love glue books 300x300

Glue-Booking // ideas and how-to’s

[no rules, just gluing + open to anyone who wants to connect & link up weekly as we share our posts; main page + badges here

weekend prompt link share

Weekly Share & Link-Up

This allows Friday to become a day of grace-full accountability. Post comments, images or links that mark 1/52 of your year; what you want to declare, celebrate, note, etc. A journal prompt will also be posted here each Friday.

Journaling is more fun {& meaningful} when we share our ideas and progress. When we engage in a ritual in order to create a habit. When we have a prompt to get us started …

June packet

Having prompts and art-full elements simplifies the art journal process. Each month’s download can be printed in a booklet format – you could opt to use the booklet itself as a journal. {bonus: no blank pages to hinder your journaling}

Purchase digital download for July

Monthly Features of TAJ Community:

  • journaling downloads & ebooks
  • weekly journaling prompts
  • blog sharing and book notes
  • discussions about creativity and living free
  • resource links for art journaling
  • monthly Studio Sessions {video chats}

subscriber elements

No rules … Just prompts

Purchase digital download for July

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