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If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud. -Émile Zola

Are you ready to live out loud? to invest your time and energy into your {living}?

Do you need a nudge to get started? Some monthly prompts for journaling?

Conversation and inspiration with a community of women who are also listening to their dream-whispers?

The Art Journaler Community continues to evolve — new features for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

I love glue books 300x300
Glue-Booking //link-up

[no rules, just gluing + open to anyone who wants to connect & link up weekly as we share our posts; main page + badges here

Journaling is more fun {& meaningful} when we share our ideas and progress. When we engage in a ritual in order to create a habit. When we have a prompt to get us started …

Rooted and Grounded April The Art Journaler

April Theme // Trees: Rooted & Grounded

 — our journal prompts and charm prompts {1.5 inch squares with images or drawings} are art-full trees.

Having prompts and art-full elements simplifies the art journal process. And this month’s download can be printed in a booklet format – you could opt to use the booklet itself as a journal. {no blank pages + colorful art!}

There are (5) pages included in the April download. Content includes:

  • weekly guided journaling prompts // 
    • Essentials
    • Centering
    • Naming Strength
    • Capturing Images
  • 30 daily quotation prompts & Haiku prompt
  • 35 charm prompts and elements to cut out for {art} journaling, or use in your planner, or simply hold in your hand to prompt thought-full pause
  • 21-Day Mini-Journal {for rooting & honoring growth}

Monthly Features and Activities for TAJ Community subscribers:

  • monthly downloads & ebooks
  • charm prompts {small art bits to cut out & collage}
  • daily journal prompts & quotations
  • blog sharing and monthly book notes
  • discussions about creativity and living free
  • resource links for art journaling
  • monthly Studio Sessions {video chats}
  • creative business planning and support

story of me

We have also embarked on a year-long, guided journaling theme of: The Business of Me // it includes quarterly themes & journal sheets + check-ins regarding {you} as:

  • valued
  • invested-in
  • worthy of choice
  • worthy of your right to decide

We will also continue our monthly art-journaled ebook subscription:

  • prompts + journal/collage elements to be utilized in a way that fits your choices regarding how to document your discoveries …

No rules … Just prompts

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